Saturday, November 17, 2007

10 Tips for profs to become famous

For college goers being famous is more desirable than getting graduated. Students have more than 1000 ways to do it. The missed lot are the professors who go everyday, see the brick headed guy covering the Miss.Kiss kind of girl.

These professors show as if they are not interested in becoming famous among students, but their mind says otherwise. Being a acha bacha student, I heard their silent cries. Here I give them ten different napkins to wipe that salt water out.

  1. This one is followed throughout the world: Grow your hair long enough to indicate that there is some thing hidden inside.
  2. Oh! Now I know that this is the toughest but you have to do this: Comb your hair properly.
  3. This one requires some investment, but try it: Drive an SUV.
  4. I know that you save your energy in verandas and faculty lounges to utilize inside the classroom, but: Say hello to students when they meet you accidentally outside.You can hug or throw your arms around if they give enough space.
  5. Show some animal instinct: Wait! Don’t over imagine. I mean to say that you can fight with a faculty who gives the least internals to students (Profit from it).
  6. Don’t build an all round personality: Have a flat tummy.
  7. Exercise during class hours : A smile is a good exercise to your facial muscles.
  8. This is against the dharma of a Professor, but follow this: leave the class well before schedule when you see blood coming out of your student’s ears.
  9. This one will make you a subject matter expert even if you are not: Blame conventional academicians, question old theories.
  10. Hey..This one is optional : Teach!


Saurabh said...

hey Na. Su. gud advice yaar....i dont know abt others but if i become faculty ever i will defintly try this...why dont u send this link to ur college profs.... if somehow they start doing this, ur fellow students will start sending u thnks full of trucks...

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Will definitely do once I am out of this college. Coz..I don't want to be thrown out.he he he

Abhinav said...

Lol! Nice one. Why don't you write a meme?...

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Welcome to my blog Abhinav..Will try a meme shortly.