Thursday, February 28, 2008

Indian Imitation Syndrome

Shahrukh khan (SRK) has all reasons to be on news almost every day. Mr. Ramadoss doesn’t. What to do..What to do..Ya! What an Idea. Let us ride on SRK’s fame. Let us blame SRK for showing his newly constructed, man made wonder. The 6 pack abs. Che Che..Bad Idea, he may ask me to show my abs, no no. That will make me loose my health minister post.
What to do..What to do..Ya! What an Idea. Let us talk about him being a Don. He kills people on screen. That is the point, let us sue him. Che Che..If we speak about Don, that will certainly affect Tamil sentiments, since Superstart Rajni Kanth has played Don in its remake. This may force me to move out of politics.
What to do..What to do..Ya! He smokes a lot in public, something which I can not do. Let us blame him for that. Smoking is injurious to health. Let us prove it for the King Khan. We will ask SRK to stop it and apologize in public. If he does not, then let us force the cigarette companies to use SRK’s face morphed as skeleton and print in all cigarette packets. May be on a 4cm x 3cm size color print. Good idea! No Che Che now..
Ok. All planned and executed well. SRK got his percentage of media coverage; Mr. Health minister got his piece of attraction; public got some kind of confusion and finally I got some thing to blog about.
My vote goes for Mr.Ramadoss. On screen personality of stars are imitated by his fans. So, when SRK smokes, his fans too smoke. If SRK drinks, his fans too will drink. Logically and practically Mr.Ramadoss is right. Every one smokes and drinks just to look like SRK. Not to get the prospective physical reaction in the serum due to the intake of nicotine in the gaseous state thus easing the body to float on air. “Who wants that? we just want to look like SRK. I do not afford to buy a dark jacket, black big glasses, a gang with the latest handheld weapons and a multipurpose assistant girl. I just afford a cigarette and hence I use that”, says Khan Singh a dye hard Sharukh khan fan after seeing Don.
Of late, I have observed a few more activities in public which can create a similar imitation syndrome among the public. One such thing was held on 29th Feb 2008 in the Indian parliament. Along with me watching the general Budget 2008 was a little boy doing his 5th standard in school. For him, the parliament house is much like his class room. The teacher there is the speaker here. The students there are the well dressed politicians here. The student who stands up and reads the lessons is our honorable Finance minister here. In his school, there will be pin drop silence when some one is reading aloud. If someone interferes that is a violation of school discipline and he/she will be punished. This is student dharma. However, there is no such protocol followed in the parliament. Members stood up at many instances and voiced their concerns thus disturbing the person reading aloud. I am afraid that this school student will try to imitate these great political superstars in his classrooms.
My humble request to Mr.Health minister is to take up this issue as this is directly related to child behavior in our country. At this time, the member accused is not a super start, but they are super politicians just like you. So, please take actions. I know that the parliament members can not be changed, so you can raise your voice to stop broadcasting the parliament activities or ask the students to stay away from television. If these do not work, you can take the last step of banning all television channels and cinema theatres. They are the propagators of all wrong messages. Let they be not there. What an idea!


dinesh said...

Good... Keep it up

Anonymous said...

great one
rightly pointed ou by u before these people ask others to correct temselves wht egs r they setting for others
u rock as always

ad libber said...

tongue firmly in cheek, humour and satire in place, the post just got better and better.

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Welcome Dinesh..Keep coming to this place.

Anonymous..They are setting good examples for their Win at any cost attitude;)

Ad libber..Thanks for this crisp & motivating comment.

rayshma said...


Indian Home Maker said...

This is libber has said what I would have said. I have witnessed many such shows and it makes me respect the founders of our constitution more than ever. They drafted a constitution that is tough enough to survive these clowns who claim to represent us.
I was most annoyed when I heard about this cigarette ban on screen...your post expresses that anger. One wonders, who are they trying to fool?
PS There was some noise by the same fellow about banning mobiles for children below a certain age? I have children who go for coaching classes and I would be worried sick if I couldn't get in touch with them. I also heard he is planning to ban Pressure Cookers for creating noise pollution.

Psychedelic said...

This surely made for an interesting read... Just a tip to the Indian Government (read: Mr. Ramadoss) : If you are so hellbent on ridding the youth from smoking then instead of harassing the almighty SRK try making Tusshar Kapoor smoke onscreen.. I am sure everyone would readily give up this menace then!!! :)