Friday, August 23, 2013

India is a Computer

In a shocking incident, Rahul said that if India is a Computer, then Congress is the default program. After this incident, Political Leaders across the Country started using Computer terms to define them. The competition was severe that all terms were taken within 2 hours and the only word left was Mouse. Which no one except Rahul preferred to take.

I came to know about some of them and I am delighted to share it with this blog readers.
  • Sonia said she is the Operating System
  • Manmohan said he is the Desktop
  • Chidambaram said he is the monitor
  • Modi said he is the recent Processor
  • Advani said he is the RAM, but outdated
  • Arvind Kejrival said he is the Antivirus
  • Jayalalitha said she is the motherboard
  • Karunanidhi said that he is the Computer and everyone using computer terms should pay royalty to his sons and daughters.

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