Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Republic day competition for Chief ministers

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President of India has announced a Republic day competition for all Chief Ministers. I guess it is designed to make every chief minister win at least once.

Event 1:
Power Nap - Participants should sleep in a cold night on the road side. Do not think that a  powernap is for a very short duration, it is actually a POWER-Nap. Game lasts for one full night. Participant will be scored based on the number of blankets less-used.

The PR-CM -Participants should use their PR power to color the nation saffron. Participant should make the nation believe that you are the messiah, though you are from an evil brotherhood. Participant will be based on the number of followers in Facebook and Twitter.

Event 3:
Fast Finger - Participant should write maximum number of letters to the Prime Minister within a defined period.   The issue can be on broad issues ranging from water, electricity and Srilanka. Participant should have the patience to just write and not expect any reply for years and years together. Participant will be scored based on the number of letters sent.

Event 4:
Statue - This is not the statue game you played in your childhood. This is a game for few elite CMs. Participant should build statues throughout the state at war foot. Once built, participant can spend the remaining years in debating the cost and rationale of building them. Participant will be scored on the number of statues built.

Event 5:
Breakup-Mashup - Participant should be caught in corruption and hence break up from his original party. Start his own party which makes him clean of corruption. Join back the old party with the same saffron thilak. Participant will be scored on the number of times he cried in Public media.

Event 6:
Don't talk - Participant should be bold enough to get hold of anyone talking against her and put them in jail. Any bad mouth should be termed as naxal and a threat to the CM. Participant will be scored on the number of arrest made. Extra marks for arresting professors and students.

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