Monday, March 3, 2014

Raping Drug Sold by Government

Selective insanity towards Women is the reason behind sexual abuse. Government can not go to each Individual and plead to maintain sanity. Education is expected to do it, but it is happy making products for the corporate. Society is expected to teach this, but it is constantly brainwashed by the greedy capitalist. Judiciary is expected to threaten it, but it is already safe inside the pocket of the rich and powerful. I do not see these change agents work in favor of Women in the next 10 years(optimistic?). So, Insanity within a sane man will prevail till we see a dramatic change in the way we perceive Women in India(every part of it!).

On the other hand, alcohol leads to insanity. The same insanity which led to the sexual abuse and murder of a 24 year old girl in Chennai this month. Can this be controlled? Can this be abolished? Can this is systematically reduced?

Yes, it can be; If the Government takes over the sales and distribution of this insanity tonic. The Tamilnadu Government led by ADMK Chief Selvi Jayalalitha Amma did this part well. They took over the sales and distribution of this insanity tonic. After taking over, the Government tasted the revenue out of it and was addicted to it. On top of it, the capitalist who control (manufacture) this legally illegal business are from the two top parties in the state. They contribute heavily to the monitory upliftment of these draculian political parties. Now, the Government is in a dilemma on whose interest to protect. The interest of its society and safeguard the people(We)? The interest of the Government and safeguard its unethical revenue? The interest of the alcohol manufacturers and safeguard the revenue to their Parties?

Unfortunately, we know that "We" in Indian democratic Government these days does not include "We- The People". It just includes "We-The Ruling Party", "We-The Capitalist who feed the Party", "We-the Families of these Politicians".

When what is possible/practical is not right, we got to defeat it and make the right thing possible/practical. Many good souls are fighting to abolish Alcohol from this State. The event conducted on 1st March led by Gandhian Ayya Sasiperumal is one effort to fight it. He is already fasting for last 30 days to abolish this. I went with my wife and daughter to support this cause. Because, no Husband, likes his wife to walk down a road full of drunkards; no father likes her daughter to be married to an alcoholic.

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