Friday, May 8, 2015

The Uneducated Education System

Straight to the point. There are three incidents which made me write define today's education as "The uneducated education system".

1.       There was a natural calamity in my mind when I read this. "Life on this planet earth depends upon a variety of goods and services provided by the nature, which are known as Natural Resources" This is from a book on Environment education meant for Engineering students. Almost all Engineers coming under AICTE would have read this.

In what sense does the author defines natural resources as products and services. Are they consumables? If the student understand  water as a good and clean air as a service, then God help the Planet.

2.       This was written in an UKG kids book. "What does the cow give for us?", "What does the Honeybee give for us?".

Only a semi-literate can write such sentences. Are we teaching the kids that the cow and honeybee has no other job than creating milk and honey for us?. We take it from them. That is the fact. There is a lot of emotional difference between someone giving us something and we taking it from them. The system tends to teach the kids that we are supreme over all the other living organisms. Sirs and madams, Please teach them inclusiveness, inter-dependence and not dominance.

3.       A fifth standard kid approached me to help him in his school project, He has to build a wind mill model. He said he has a small motor using which he can rotate the windmill. I had to explain him that wind mill runs on wind and hence he can probably use the motor to create a fan to generate artificial wind in the model. Windmill running on motor will defeat the purpose of doing the model.

He went on to check with his teacher and the teacher disapproved of doing it as I suggested. She simply said that is not the way to make a model. The wind mill ran on a battery powered motor and there was a model done which looked like a windmill but behaved as something else. Long live the application based learning method which sells well today, but doesn't get implemented the way it should be.

The uneducated education system trying to educate the next generation. God help!

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