Friday, November 23, 2007

This thing called Winter

There is nothing called as winter in my native place (Madurai). I remember very hot days, hot days and not so hot days. The maximum that we do in those so called winter months is that we tune the fan regulator to run in speed level 2 or 3. There is nothing to worry beyond that.

Living in NCR is altogether different. Here winter melts down to single digit temperature also, something that is never seen in Tamilnadu. The fog, chill breeze, fully covered girls (strange but true) and kids dressed up with colourful woolen clothes are something that interests me. Roadside shops selling hot egg rolls and our dear Indians from east (I don’t call them east Indians) selling momos and soups are something that an average homo sapiens like me can not resist.

I have some daring experience with this thing called as winter. Last season was my first encounter. I didn’t know its severity. It was one night during last year’s early winter period. Three of us went in the second ones bike to the fourth ones home to eat chicken which was cooked for all four of us. Entire arrangement was made by the fourth one who promised us a quick party. After literally cleaning the vessel with our fingers the fourth one did his best with is tongue.

It was 1.00AM and the happy trio planned a return. As we reached the gate, we could feel that situation is not fine. The road was filled with some kind of smoke which I have seen earlier in my Grandma’s kitchen. The only difference between these two is that my Grandma’s kitchen smoke was hot & this one is…..deadly cold. The other two said that this is called as fog. My first encounter with fog!

We were badly prepared for such weather since the trio is new to this place. We borrowed a long bedsheet from the fourth one and sheltered ourselves. Still we were freezing and I could find tears in my eyes. That was the first day in which I realized that I have done some act of kindness. I have saved a chicken from this freezing cold. It is resting in peace inside my stomach.


kapil said...

I too met a person from Chennai, about 6-7 yrs back. It was first time when he visited NCR.
It was december. When he saw fog he shouted gas -gas it leaked, then my frieend explained him its fog.
sad i dont remember hi name.

abhishek said...

Oooops, seems I hv heard that story!! Or still better, was probably the part of the story!

Hmmmm, seems u Know the fourth one pretty well, Otherwise u would not have known that he actually cleaned the vessel by his tongue, hmmm yummy.

Well abt the blog, it was beautifully written, though u cud hv expressed a bit more of ur feelings. Neverthless it was a very interesting one.

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Kapil.. Thanks for sharing your experience here

Abhishek..Tanks for the chicken that day and thanks for your suggestion this day!

Saurabh said...

so last winter u hve shown one act of kindness to chicken!!! very gud ....this yr I m thinking why not i should show u some knidness.....though the nariyal is covered but yaar its too chilly here n he must be filling very cold....

nyway before giving u relief from this winter let me appreciate ur writing one wrd very good...specially i liked ur line indians from west (it shows u remember ur earlier writings)...i know no need to say but still keep it up.....

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Saurabh! Welcome to my blog.

Thanks for telling my nick name to the whole world(Uff!!!).