Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Five Rupee people

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In B-Schools they teach us many concepts like Value for Money, Customer Value etc., etc.,

Hey…They even teach us Human Values. Don’t misunderstand them to organ traders, here we mean something else. But, on my way to college everyday, I find one more kind of Value that is given to Humans.

My way to college is a two kilometer ride by Gurgaon’s own share auto system. Here every woman/man (Bach gaya baba) is of equal Value. The one manned vehicle which is in between the size of an auto and a mini truck is the only public transport here. Though people claim that they have buses running, I am yet to witness one.
The best part of these autos is that no passenger is superior, no caste system and no reservations. All are of equal value. Five Rupees to be exact! This is irrespective of where you board and where you de-board; Irrespective of where you sit in the auto. The Five rupee way to keep India united!

A conventional auto is designed to seat 3 + driver, a SUV may seat 7 + driver. Can you imagine how many can these share auto carry? By my best number crunching ability (Allow me to use my 20 fingers) it is 3+4+4+4 and ya..the driver. Making it a maximum of 16! But how? Those who don’t know the answer take a pen and pencil and draw this picture in your mind. Driver sir (The only free rider Rs.0) sits in his seat. Two more people to his left (Rs.10) and one to his right (Rs.5). In the back seat we have four more people (Rs.20). Now, call it efficient engineering or optimal utilization of available space, they have designed a seat in between. There sits four more travelers like me (Rs.20). Keep your WOWs under control, we have the backyards left. This is traditionally the space that is used for keeping luggage. They have designed it to seat four more (Rs.20).
Readers..Add everything. It comes to 15 people or rupees 75 to be exact!

Makes Good sense for the driver as well as the passengers as long as you are insured and have your succession planning perfect!


rayshma said...

oh hell! i've had the misfortune to travel in one of those buses u haven't seen! trust me, u're not missing out on anything!
amazing gurgaon! :)

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Welcome to this place Rayshma(Hey! not Gurgaon).
Ok..I will develop a conditional blindness for these buses also. Thanks for warning me.

Messenger_Of_Nemesis said...

Something is always better then nothing!
These autos come in various incarnation in various place, wherever our government, or in other word we fails to provide proper means of public transport.
Sometime it is tempo, sometime tracker or sometime something else….some time in remote Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, or even in NCR.
Taking 16 passengers in one go….16 people are traveling causing the same amount of pollution that comes by travelling 4 people by same medium…in only Rs 5 …enjoy the Swadesh feeling….and….

ad libber said...

Its the same with autos at Kolkata!!!
I guess its our public transport system which keeps the country united .

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

You are right Ad libber..In fact one of my kolkata friend stands against the three passenger system in Kolkata. He says that a fourth person should be allowed to sit along the driver. So as to reduce pollution and traffic congestion.

Raghu said...

this is still not optimized!
You left the roof off!

And how about a double-decker style auto? they can modity it to add one more 'floor' and double the income to 150 bucks a trip? :P

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Raghu..Will share your optimization technique with the auto drivers once I move out of this place! :)