Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Ultimate War Movie

It was a dark day; I was alone in my room. Hey...I was hot that day, thanks to the power cut. The best excuse for not reading my text books. I opened my laptop to watch a long pending movie.

Many fighter planes have assembled to attack a single target. The commander was black, heavy and looked like a demon. All others were in their respective positions, in a neat row. They have only one thing in mind. Ready to fly; Ready to kill; Attack the enemy! They have not assembled there for oil, not for power, not to kill terrorism, but for their own life. They will not see the next day if they do not win this night.

The commander called everyone in their communication device and started his instructions.

Commander: Soldiers..Today is our day. We don’t have many targets to attack. We have only one. But Huge! We have to put it on the death bed. We will prove that this army can suck enemy’s blood till the last drop.

Troop: Yes Sir!

Commander: Remember Soldiers. We are fighters by birth. Our weapons are unique. Make use of them wisely. I will tell you today’s war strategy. Listen to it carefully.

Troop: Yes Sir!

Commander: Our center troop fighters will fly first towards the target. In the same time our left troop fighters will go towards west of the target and deviate it with our unique sonic sound system. When the target gets deviated the center will attack and get back to a safe distance.

Troop: Yes Sir!

Commander: When the center gets back, the right troop fighters will go and deviate it towards the east. Now..Left troop will attack.

Troop: Yes Sir!

(Among them was Mos Tyson, the furious and highly energetic soldier. Since he is the hero, he was given with a special privilege to talk in between, hence)

Mos Tyson: We got it sir. Deviate and attack strategy.

Commander: Good my boy. You got it. Soldiers, ensure that everyone in the troop get a chance to attack. Work in perfect sync else our troop will be in trouble.

Troop: Yes Sir!

Mos Tyson: Sir! I would like to lead the center team sir.

Commander: OK Mos Tyson. I appreciate it. You can attack first.

Mos Tyson: I am honored sir.

Commander: FLY!

Troop: Hooon! Hooon!

No one can imagine the effect of such a group attack. The enemy was least prepared for such an attack. Mos Tyson started his flight. Weapon ready! Flying in a very high speed. Towards the target. No humanity, no kindness, he wants to see blood, only blood..No compromise. He will attack the target in another fraction of second. Dash…. came my hands and I trashed Mos Tyson to death.

Flick..Flick..FLICK! My tube light started glowing. The commander shouted “Enemy has activated the killing liquid; All soldiers turn to your back and run…run…bhagooooo..bhagO’O’O’!" My mosquito coil got its power in the right time. Thank you ALL OUT! I can watch my movie quitely without their disturbance.
Picture Courtesy: Travis Gray http://flickr.com/photos/tgray/


Ishq said...

Hi Krishnan, will review your blog as soon it has more than 10 entiries in it.

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

@ Ishq, I will be privileged to be reviewed by you. I should reach 10 posts in a weeks time.

ad libber said...

Which movie is it?
Why do all war ovies sound the same in principle?

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Ad libber, Ya..the jet fighters(mosquitoes) in my room should have been trained by some Hollywood director.. Hence it sounds the same:))

Anonymous said...

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Saurabh said...

hey krish i pray this cud have happened to me also....i have never felt bcz of only this allout these blood suckers have left me....u know some time i have to burn neem also to keep them away......I must say u r reaaly very lucky tht ur allout does its duty...

Tys on Ice said...

i wud really like to laff right now but cant shake this feeling tht the name of the said mosquito is not a coincidence :)

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

@Saurabh- Be loyal to your Allout and purcahse it with your own money.It will work then...:)

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

tys on ice...Thanks for your visit.

I named the mosquito based on astrology, nameology, blogology and mosquitology.Carefully created, not a coincidence :)