Sunday, December 23, 2007

Choose the right option

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Mummy, Daddy, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunty. You will love to teach all these words to your kid. It is only at school they teach relationship like nephew, niece, cousin etc. As some great man said, “life is the best teacher”. Life teaches some more relationship titles, especially for a girl. You will be amazed as to how many type of relationship can a girl have with boys. Let us list few that can be discussed in public.

1. Boy friend
2. A boy who is a friend
3. Flirting friend
4. Lover
These names are given under the chapter “Daavu” in the book “Ladki patayufying” written by the ancient sage called “Vaal micky”.

Few girls have all these relationships at a time. Talented people can manage adding 's' (plural) to all these relationships. All those who disagree are requested to go to ATM, take out some paisa and go to the nearest metro. If you are in a metro and still don’t agree, I request you to type a leave letter to office and go to a nearest park regularly for a week. If you do this, you may add some more to the list above.

Being a boy-girl researcher, I feel that I have to advise all the 'boys without girls' on the pros and cons of these relationships. Before you proceed with this I would advice you to go through my earlier post “boys without girls” and make accustomed to the process of getting a girl. Now, let us analyze the pros:) and cons:( of each. At the end you can decide on the role you want to take.

:) 1- Societal status increases- Now you too have a girlfriend
:( 1- Branded as a boyfriend of Ms.X and hence loose other opportunities
:) 2- Spending time is now easy and interesting
:( 2- Spending money! Is not easy and is disgusting
:) 3- Occasional dates and probable nights
:( 3-Your wallet is no more open for public inspection because you have to hide some small device there

Boy who is a friend:
:) 1- No benefit
:( 1- You have to be her driver wherever she goes(includes a trip to her boyfriend’s)
:) 2- No benefit
:( 2- How many times can you pick her call and listen about her fight with the boyfriend
:) 3- No benefit
:( 3 -Forces a blogger like me to write more cons which he can not do due to space restriction

Flirting friend:
:) 1- You can have as many as you can
:( 1- Have to practice the skill of evaporating on sight of your second flirt
:) 2- Expenses are shared and hence your wallet is safe
:( 2- She cries for a party even if Aishwarya rai marries a tree
:) 3- Regularly she will praise you for your charm, smartness and what not
:( 3- How many times will you repeat this to her

:) 1- You get to know your life partner
:( 1- You get to know that your life is becoming more more more more more
:) 2- You will get more girls who are friends because they know that you are harmless
:( 2- You have to tell your lady love's name and show her photo to almost every girl who knows your issue
:) 3- Your lady love cares for your money and spends realistically
:( 3- The same girl is capable of scaring you by showing a diamond necklace and say “sweet heart buy this for me after marriage”


Tys on Ice said...

hvng been thru all the phases tht u speak of ( yes, even tht humiliating just friend phase also), i can verify the facts in ur research...

u shud do a thesis in this and perhaps present a paper...who knows? a nobel mite await u...

ad libber said...

Where, pray tell, is the girl's side of the story? What are the kind of relationships a guy wants from a girl?

Or does that not even qualify as a legible question?

Such a true post. Though a girl is very decided about her relationships with guys. Its divided into two : prospective brother or prospective lover. Then come the sub parts. :P

harry said...

Hi krish,
Good one bro! Wonderful way to word the humiliation humorously! :)Kudos.

Ur frnd said...

hi buddy...i dont wanna give much comment abt all this...bcz i really dont know nything abt all these but one thing i know tht "A boy who is frnd" relationship do have sme benefits....i dont wanna list them here bcz it all depends upon ur level of frndship....i m telling u all this bcz i m currently feeling this...nyway like ur earlier posts this post is also fabulous... congrts

hope and love said...


Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Sorry for being late..
@tys on ice - Nice idea tys. Whether it gives Noble or not, will definitely give loads of criticism.
@ad libber - Thanks for enlightening me. Your question is absolutely legible. Will think about it ;)
@ harry - "humiliation humorously" Liked it
@ my friend -I agree and I'm happy if it is so:)
@ hope and love - Delighted by your visit. I admire your writings. Thanks for your appreciation.

Anonymous said...

hi kafee
its true girls know clearly wht relation they want to get into with a guy
its the guys who r the confused lot
i support wht u told ....... :-)
haha ........ ur research was correct

rayshma said...

u missed out one category... mostly prevalent in metros. friend with benefits.

Sanjeev Priyam Chandran said...

came across your blog accidentally.. nicely maintained.. and about this post it was fun reading it..

and i personally think you ve just outlined your say... most of it is true...

boy friend and lover has a very thin line of difference.. but you seem to have made it big..

neways nice reading you!!

ejo said...

hey anna this is d besssttt post...just friend phase reminds me of our poor abisek!!

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" frm rkd's diaries.. " said...

well said..