Thursday, January 24, 2008

Career Questionnaire- The destructive side

Many career counselors charge you for helping you select a right course for education. Most of them ask about your aspirations, strengths and weakness. They check your IQ, EQ and many other Q’s before suggesting something. Beware! Don’t waste time and money there.

I am giving this warning because I know that many students (Exceptions overruled) join a course for something and end up doing something else that they really like doing. Agree? This made me design this questionnaire. This is based on what a student might be willing to do at college in a particular course. Obviously these are destructive, but this is real other side.

MBA’s may answer as "Yes" to the following questions
  1. I can speak more, party more but work less
  2. I care for what I wear today
  3. I can cash on other’s problem and can coolly call it as a strategy
  4. I don’t know the meaning of plagiarism
  5. For me the only unethical thing on earth is to be ethical
  6. I believe that marks are synonymous to madness
  7. I believe that Jack should be proud be being in all trades
  8. My destiny is placements
  9. If you ask me three priorities , then I will answer it as “I, me and myself”
  10. I like to call myself as an MBA more than an employee of XYZ co.
Engineers may answer as "Yes" to the following questions
  1. I can work more and talk less
  2. I believe that IT sector will flourish for ever
  3. I am highly logical and hence can booze throughout the course thinking that booze will motivate me
  4. My creative side can be found by the way I design ragging tricks
  5. I am intelligent hence I don’t deserve to be in India, I will fly and earn a post graduation
  6. Brain drain? I have never heard about it
  7. I want to feel superior by doing this course
  8. I know that I will end up into a dog if I don’t get a job on campus
  9. It is enough if I wake up in the final year, sleeping before that is normal
  10. I am intelligent and hence I look stupid (or) I am stupid and hence look intelligent
Arts graduates may answer as "Yes" to the following questions
  1. I keep fun as my top priority in life, next it is being happy and last but not least it is fun again
  2. I have strong belief in Indian economy which will anyway give me a job
  3. I am practicing to speak in American accent
  4. I want to dress up to college in the same way as I would walk the ramp
  5. I believe that I am young, energetic and hence I need not spend much energy in studying
  6. I want to postpone my worries for three years
  7. Bunking is bliss, arrear is auspicious
  8. Whether I earn a degree or not, I want to earn a girl
  9. I have practiced rowdy'ism in at least one situation
  10. College campus is my home; canteen is my board room; recreation room is my bed room; class room?? Never heard about that


ad libber said...

This is amazing. And practically perfect. But where is my genre? Not an engineer, nether an Arts graduate.
I am half way somewhere between arts and engineers I guess.

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Hey..Same pinch. I belong to your group, somewhere between a science graduate and Engineer.

Anonymous said...

Wow! All those you have mentioned in Engineers is just right... i donno about the other two.
I am intelligent and hence I look stupid (or) I am stupid and hence look intelligent

You have hit the nail on the right spot :))

Good one.

rayshma said...

u seem to love generalizing, don't cha? wot abt engineers who later turn to joining a management school?

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Srikanth..So, you are an engineer of this nature:))Thanks for your comment!

Rayshma, Do I love Generalizing?Thinking mmmmm.... I think you are right, but for fun and not to discriminate anyone;)

Anonymous said...

he kafee i m ure the mangement one i perfect bcoz each and every pt u ve put is a yes nd no mba can say a no to anyone of it... hehe wht say i m sure even u agree to it

Elliot said...

please help me decide what to take. i plan on taking 2 courses in colege, first either architecture or nuclearphysics, second commerce. what should i take in 11th and 12th to do this? and should i take architecture or nuclearphysics?

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Eliot..Best option would be to discontinue study. Start a venture making puzzles, riddles etc., :)