Sunday, January 13, 2008

Farewell Feelings.. not so fare

party at night
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I have earlier discussed about my experience with winter in this place. Here winter enlightens me again.
Last Friday was our much expected farewell party. All it began with a poll for titles like Mr/Ms Congeniality, Mr/Ms Flirt, best buddies, best couple, style icon etc.,. Indians are born politicians, the contestants proved it. The online poll turned into an online defame before the authorities interrupted and closed the story.
The time was 7.00PM; it was an open air party and the temperature was cold enough to compel you to get into a quilt. Still the brave hearts of my college came in with their own intention. My only intention was to eat something which is not aaloofied. I prefer to eat food with LIFE. The honorable Director says a strict no no to non-vegetarian food inside the college. Our fellow students were compelled to eat the food made of leaves, seeds, milk, roots and stem (Vegetarian- A food without LIFE).
My friend’s intention was to catch some colours. The community of boy-girl researchers have coined this special term ‘colour’ to refer girls. Their explanation is as follows “A colour is something which can guide people (traffic light colours) and a colour is the same thing which can destroy people (distractive colours). Since girls have the same qualities, they are referred as colours”. (Possibly worlds most stupid explanation..)
Many came with the intention of exchanging their final formal goodbye. Though I believe that orkut is the antonym for good bye. My entire batch is either orkut arrested or orkut addicted, hence there is no need to say good bye. The whole event went as an usual farewell party, some one speaking on the stage, some one playing music and making people dance and someone spending money for all these. There are few interesting findings that I made during this time. These would help me a lot in my ongoing boy-girl research. I am sharing the same here;
Men and women compliment each other perfectly: As it is farewell, women were emotional and were allowing water to exit their body as tears. Men too were emotional, but were allowing water to enter their body as booze.
Women are winter resistant: I could see men in their full suits with enough protection to withstand the cold. Women on the other end were as usual, sarees in their sexiest form or in western party wears. This makes me believe that there should be a skin cream which is winter resistant or their skin itself is winter resistant.
Men’s clock and Women’s clock show different time: The party was supposed to start at 4.00PM and men walked in at 5.30PM to avoid the speeches delivered by the honorable staff members. Women walked in at 7.00PM in order to turn on the party. Women should have been convincing their Mirror till then.
Food attracts both; Men eat and Women see: The sight of food being served attracted the crowd. Irrespective of the gender, men and women started walking towards the food zone. After few minutes, men were seen eating and women were seen holding their plates.
Ends here. IBS readers looking for a more detailed article on this farewell may visit our college forum by clicking here.


Preethi said...

Interesting.. I esp liked the findings at the end.. and the sprucing up of the party... but color really??? So where are you?? Delhi?? Or do I have to read your older posts to find out??

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Welcome Preethi!
The definition for color is real:) Don't you think so?
You have to read my old posts;)If you still couldn't find my place then you can conclude that I live in Gurgaon.

rayshma said...

color... really?! :D
i think ur findings are relevant to the age group of 17 - 25 in women! :) i r'ber being that stupid! :))

Thinking aloud said... gurgain is finally getting a lot of life? ...teh last time i saw it it was still deciding how to cope with all those snazzy multistoried glass cages which now dot the gaon :D

interesting findings, which does not mean i agree :)

Anonymous said...

finally here i m
a nice post and a real and true analyis of the eve
ur findings are definately great
girls and boys thing was the best
and the title yes farewell was not fare now no comments on tht
who knows it better :-) than u kafee.. anyways it was a memeorable one and yes all r born politicians ;-)

ad libber said...

ah..we..lll not a very overly sentimental goodbye but analytical nonetheless

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Thanks for leaving your comments. Apologies for my late reply.

@Rayshma-I too feel so. It should be relevant for the age group 17to25

@thinking aloud-After glass cages, it is now finding solutions for the flying flyovers. So..Where do you diagree:)

@anonymous-You were also part of my observation sample;)

@ad libber- Welcome back after a long break.This is an analytical version, sentimental version lies somewhere else.