Saturday, May 10, 2008

Software problem

You might be searching for some problems in your software. Google might have directed you to this place. If so, please get back to your work and surf some other website. After all you have your own problems to solve. In this post I will be weeping about some issues with this Software Industry.

Some of my regular readers might have decided that I am dead or got kidnapped by some pink slipped employee. But I am alive and ki(ru)cking. As a dust who has joined this dust storm called IT Industry, I was facing some difficulty in adopting myself to the changing schedules. You know as per my IT community practice, I am supposed to go for shopping every week end, date atleast once in a week and come home late; not because of work but because of the huge Human & Vehicle population in India’s IT capital, Bagalore. I am following few dharma of an IT servant.
I always wonder about the similarities in problems between the Software Industry and its capital, Bangalore. In both cases one main problem is over population. Bangaloreans face
nightmare due to the roads. Too many roads but you can’t really select a road which will make you reach home early. Similarly my fellow Recruitment managers get too many candidates for a post, but you can’t really select the right candidate. Thanks to the parallelly prospering Industries like IT education and fake experience certificate providers.
Another problem is the middle management crisis. Karnataka political stage has too many leaders interested to work as the top leader, but very few hands in the middle level. Same with our Software Industry, getting a dependable middle manager is really a mid nights scary dream.
Take the headache of Bangalore Metropolitan Corporation; they have to take care of hell lot of activities starting from the roads, drainages, transport, infrastructure and the growing new responsibilities like propagating safe sex, bringing down the property prices. Similarly each software company has loads of diverse responsibilities like putting employees from seat to bench & then from bench to seat; celebrating birthdays; policing employees; settling fights between various departments; negotiating with employees on salary; handling employees threatening to quit; threatening employees to quit etc., etc., Huge task!

Thanks to these problems there are few Industries which are shining;
1. As the monitor glows to make the country powerful, many of our eyes are becoming less powerful. The eye glass Industry is growing.
2. Thanks to late night shifts & distant offices. TATA is selling more SUMO’s.
3. The back ache ailing Industry is growing without any head ache.
4. Growing salaries, growing divorces, growing advocate fee.
5. No one wants to be a landless labour, prospering real estate business.


Messenger of Nemesis said...

not to mention ..good 1.
but some correction..
itz not TATA sumo..itz Toyota's Qualis and Innova...thanx to globalization...other wise u r right in most of the casees..but 1thing i have noticed that these days IT/SW profesionals(who are generally less professional in there personal life)are becomming soft target. itz like a bull which is stopping pulling plough gradually and we are showing it the route 2wards butcher house...things should not be like that.....Nemesis is angry with the attitude of Indians...

S.Ghosh said...

good to see you back.and thanks for your wish!!! but really you don't have to include me in your reads with pressure(even tho someone threatens you,democratic India after all)

the 5 snippets are awesome is really nice to see you writing
keep writing

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? said...

The last 5 points are very well documented. :)

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

Hehe..Very strong point about the chaos of b'lore ppl put across with shades of humour attached to it..simply great buddy..had a blast reading the last 5 points of ur post..:-)

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

@Nemesis- Don't get angry with our attitude.May be the modern day economies is saying that a butcher is better for the bull than a farmer.

@Ghosh- I'm happy(privileged) to see your comment here. Hey..If you can see i am adding you after really long time. It means that I read your posts before adding you.

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

@ Whats in a name- Thanks for coming here. Didn't thought that people will like my 5 points. Surprised & happy to see that.

@ a comeback- Thanks for spending some quality time here.Do come back once I come back.

Rinku said...

i ve little idea about it industry..but i spent a good time in b'lore...i found ur argument true......@same time it was nostalgic 4 me...
BTW r u a frnd of Sharo..i mean Mr. Messenger? he gave the was a nice reading here in ur blog..keep it up.

Sayani said...

diplomacy is an art ...and u have expertized in it :P

life is good said...

gr8 krishnan that you write so good.
you think so similar to one of my friend. we used to call him anna. though he was much younger to you.

life is good said...

hey krishnan what are you doing man!!!
you have been tagged freely ;P

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

@Rinku - I was self exiled from blogospehere for some time..Yes I am Sharos's friend except while eating.

@Sayani- Thanks for visiting. I am Privileged(Not diplomacy again ;)

@Life is good- I'm angry.Grrrr..How old am I??? In the meanwhile I'm bad at tags..Pls excuse.

Anonymous said...

kafee u ll one day get kidnapped by someone who love the IT industry and never cribs about it[do tell me when u find one]