Saturday, June 28, 2008

Monkey to Man to Donkey

Thanks to Monkeys we are now Men. Thanks to Men we are now Donkeys.

You know something..Indian economy is now travelling on Donkeys. If Donkeys are not there we would have been an underdeveloped nation for ever. I’m sure that none of our readers have the time to sue me if I name our economy as “Donkey economy”.

Now let us define Donkey economy “An economy which is driven by donkeys; where donkeys are the working people who can carry loads that no real donkey can imagine about. Wherein drivers of the economy (organizations) know that these donkeys can be loaded till their backbones break. Interestingly even if it breaks, it can be loaded with what it can carry.”

So..How much load are you carrying in a day?

Initially you get excited with the load, till the time you realize that the load is filled with waste clothe bundled in a clean silk cloth. When you are hired you are shown with the silk cloth, you say the same to others & you are immersed in a silky dream. Suddenly when you peep in to the bundle, you find more excitement..Wow..Shit spread clothes which can never be cleaned; grandfather’s clothes which are inherited for years; new clothes designed in the name of innovation which none other than a Spiderman or superman can wear. Hey..I am talking about the components of an employee’s role.
What does your role comprise of?


sunil iyer said...

hilarious krrish!!(i added the extra r for luck a la ekta kapoor!) well, this post does take the sheen of the working life and a new job, but am sure a new blog with the joys of workign will be coming soon??!!

ad libber said...

For a student still wondering whether the corporate world is the right choice for anyone, posts like these can have a huge influence.

So its bad as that, is it?

rayshma said...

aww.. the grass is always greener at the other side. mostly always! ;)

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

@ Sunil - I have happy stories to share, but they are not as interesting as this trouble story.

@ ad libber - We can't live without the traumas of traffic, inflation,bribe etc., etc., Corporate is a an younger devil, no need to worry.

@Rayshma- True. I think one should stop serching for grass & try enjoying the water inbetween :)

Sayani said...

hmm i will check the sack before carrying :)
and tell me what the option tho'(other than carrying the load and quench thirst with water midway)

gr8 stuff!!!!

Messenger of Nemesis said...

i, in the morning walk over the clean the afternoon, i try to convince my dhoobi that it is still clean the evening finally i clean it once again and place it in the open ground for the very next takes some time i do overtime.*
[*Carrying around the said stuffs in between three mentioned time periods is implied and part of the actual job]

Anonymous said...

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