Sunday, January 27, 2013

10 Reasons to release Vishwaroopam immediately

  1. It is a Movie, it is a creation. If you say it hurts, you are trying to prove what is conveyed in the movie is fact.
  2. It is an Indian movie. How many Indian movies have been released worldwide? How many have got worldwide attention? Aren’t you proud that an Indian movie is taking the world stage?
  3. Those who asked for a ban do not really represent the complete World of Muslims. As I write this, Vishwaroopam has been watched by thousands of Muslims all over the world and stands appreciated. Do not try to color a movie.
  4. What have the movie ban enthusiast achieved except their own popularity and show of superiority? Aren’t you misusing the power given by the people of India to you? Aren’t you misguiding the community that is looking up at you?
  5. Have you given a chance for a fair consensus? Do you want the world to believe your interpretation of the movie and not make their own?
  6. By banning this movie, we are going to create more coward producers and directors. Movie fraternity will not think about touching a sensitive topic again. I am afraid Tamil Cinema will show only College, Love and Rowdies for the next generation too. 
  7. People of today’s generation are clever enough to differentiate between an Individual and his community. For us, “someone with a Muslim name planted a bomb”. We do not interpret it as a Muslims planted a bomb. We have grown up. 
  8. If someone has planted a bomb and killed thousands, the community should be angry with them. Not with those who try to write about it or create a movie about it.
  9. The man behind this movie, Kamalhaasan is known for his progressive thoughts. Indian Government has honored him with Padma Shri award. By insulting this Individual, you are trying to insult someone who has a national appreciation.
  10. Finally, Freedom of speech is a Right. Kamal Haasan has it as much as you have. You elders please do not fight and stir a fight amongst us.

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