Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Today is a day to remember for me. Have run a total 100kms since I started running about a month back. This includes four 10K runs and ten 6K runs with our Velachery group. Thanks to Chennai Runners who got me to start and thanks to my special coach, friend and guide Anil Sharma who got me to run.

With a humble 100kms of running experience, I have something to share with those who are yet to start. I am 30 years of age. I have never run in my life except for occasional runs to board the bus. However, somewhere in my mind, I have a craving for running. Lack of courage, I didn't do anything to appreciate that thought. Heard about Chennai Runners an year back. Followed them on Facebook but never bothered to do anything more.

It all changed towards the end of July 2013, when Chennai Runners announced the neighborhood run. 'Running with some experienced runners that too close to your house' was the catch. Floored by that idea, I joined them once. Post that, I was a regular. Marathoners and experts who run with me were of value which money can not buy.

Before I started, I was spoiled by so many websites and articles which talk about shoes, fitness, strength, posture and what not. However, now I am totally convinced that running can be learnt by running. Definitely not by googling.

If you are reading this post and if you are yet to start, you can do two things. 1) Wear your shoes/slippers 2) Run whatever distance you can and come back

Happy Running!

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