Friday, October 18, 2013

Pro people Government opens Swanky Liquor shops in Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu Government to open swanky TASMAC liquor outlets in Chennai malls. 

Who said the Government does not listen to people?
The Government listened to the needs of the upper middle class who would prefer branded and expensive drinks. Do not argue that tasmac continues to ruin the happiness index of families across the state.

Who said the Government is not modern?
TASMAC has one of the best supply chain and marketing skills within the Government. Their swanky new shops are proof of their execution capability. Do not arque by quoting examples like fishy electric supply of the state.

Who said the Government is not socially responsible?
Government understand the need to generate more income and self sustain the state. More shops will give us more money. Do not argue that people drink this and turn anti socials.

Finally, good news to all. Contrary to popular expectation, we are not going to name these new shops as Amma wine shops. We do it for mineral water alone.

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