Monday, June 30, 2014

The Social Smile of the United States

I am staying in Seattle, WA, United States for about a month. This article is written on the second day of the stay.
I am a novice in my knowledge of the west. This trip to the United states has made me think through the US as a society; Appreciate what they seems to be good at. I like the way they smile and talk to everyone. If you happen to meet someone, making eye contacts seems to be a basic thing to show respect. A smile and hello is preferred over just a nod. I think this is a perfect way to make a happy society.

People look just relaxed. I am yet to come across an husband who constantly irritates his wife while shopping. A common sight we see while shopping in India. I am yet to come across a parent shouting at their kid for being naturally crazy. A common sight we see everywhere in India. I am yet to come across arguments with the Hotel Waiter or any other Service provider for silly things. A common sight we see in India wherever we see the richer Indian buying something from the poorer earning staff.

I have heard about the traffic sense in US, but had to see it to believe. They are really patient and respectful for pedestrians. It is unbelievable to see cars stop and wait for me to cross the road. It is unbelievable to see Zebra crossings been given with its real meaning.

All these are good at the moment. Need to see through this society in detail to understand how much of the smile is really from the Heart. Need to observe to understand if the care for Pedestrians is a show of sensitivity or the fear of the Law. Many questions in mind! Got to explore the place and people.

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