Thursday, April 17, 2014

Me, Madurai and Mock Interviews

I belong to a culturally rich city called Madurai in Tamilnadu, India. It has been 10 years since I moved out of the city with a B.Sc degree. Going back to my roots is an idea I am nourishing ever since I moved out. I have been working with people in various capacities over these years. As a specialist in Training and Development, my primary job with Corporates is to develop people and make them skilled for the Job they are expected to perform.

I learn from experiences. When I look back, I am amazed at how I have acquired the required skills in the last ten years. I think, developing others have helped me grow as a Professional. I would sincerely love to take back these skills to my native and work for the development of the student community there. When I was a student in 2003, I would have loved to have someone like the current me as a mentor. I didn't get any. In 2014, I should give that opportunity to the students who would love to make use of me. I can mentor, guide and help them to get a good launch pad.

With this in mind, I scheduled a mock interview session for students in Madurai. A mock interview will provide students with a real experience of an interview. It will help them evaluate their strength and weakness. During my MBA days in Gurgaon, I have benefited extensively through such interventions by the college.

17 students from various colleges in Madurai signed up for the mock interview. I was feeling extremely happy and fulfilled after meeting them all over a period of three days. I spent about 30 to 40 minutes with every student. Asked them questions to understand their logical thinking, basic technical and communication skills. The small house that my Dad built long back helped us as a free venue. My Alma mater, Sourashtra College gave their classroom for one of the interview days.

Here is an analysis of their performance:

Here are the shockers:
  1. The quality of students have not changed in the last 10 years. Most of them sounded like me and my friends ten years back. We were under-qualified to get a Job then.
  2. Even today,listening to movie songs is their primary Hobby. They do not have any other hobby.
  3. Most were unable to answer basic technical questions from their specialization.
  4. Huge vacuum in their ability to relate concepts to practical applications

There is one good news too:
  1. Everyone showed great interest in improving their employability. Unfortunately, those who are supposed to guide them(Teachers,Parents) do not have the required exposure. Hence, students alone can not be blamed.

What would they need:
I will have to spend more time with them to be precise at explaining their need. Till that time, I think they will need the following:
  1. Someone to mentor them on choosing a career path
  1. Exposure through practicing professionals
  1. Self development interventions on communication skills
  1. Freedom from their parents and the society to think as they wish
  2. Better teaching staff who can create an interest than just cover the lesson plan

I am determined to work on the first three needs. Have to make better use of my time to be able to do that. Hope I can, as I want to...

Here is the next Mock interview schedule(24th to 26th April) and registration form. If you are a student or know of a needy student, please use this opportunity. 


Piyush Chhabra said...


Grt Work Bro.

It is due to people like you that our country has bright future...

Truly exceptional work done here!!!

Kudos. Keep up the good work buddy.
Really appreciate it.

Krishnan N Subramanian said...

Thanks Piyush. Its a pleasure reading your comment.

dinesh seluka said...

I am really proud of you krish... All our college students should need one good mentors like you. We didn't have this opportunity when we studied in our college days. :( I admire you once again krish....:)

Krishnan N Subramanian said...

Thanks Dinesh. I am still trying to understand where did we go wrong. Why is there no development in the quality of students over many years? The college where we studied is an example. There are more. In fact, every college is in that list.