Sunday, October 19, 2008

Inflation- How to keep Gandhi smiling at you?

Indian Rupees
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At inflation grows in double digits, there is some serious thoughts going on my mind on how to minimize its effect on me. I asked one of my close friends who have come up with some action points. Sharing his views here for the benefit of my rich but poor (vice versa too) Indian citizens;

1. I’m going to cut all hidden cost in my life (not vests & briefs), most important are the Pepsi and Coke. I think that I am paying 10 bucks so that Shahrukh khan and Hrithik Roshan develop their 6 packs, whereas I end up losing the little flesh in my back.

2. I want to stop watching cricket so that the Goorej & Maruti Suzuki’s stop making an entry in to my mind through their innovative advertisements thus increasing probable future expense.

3. I would stop trading in stocks thus I can reduce my expenses related to Zandu balm and other medicines, if not the original loss.

4. Not sure whether car pooling and public transport will reduce carbon emissions, but it will definitely reduce the emission from my wallet.

5. Thanks to the market sentiments, I am already losing weight hence there is a good cost cut from my health and wellness account.

6. Of late I have realized that home is the sweetest, definitely sweeter than those expensive weekend places.

7. The air from my window is cooler than the air conditioning machine which gives me a paper shock (bill) every month.

8. Star plus and Star Movies are my favorite destinations than the Inox and PVR’s. Not because of the money..but you know…I already told you, home is the sweetest.

9. This month, I have realized that mobile is for just talking, hence I am not going for an upgrade. Next month I will realize that the mobile is a trouble, may be that will save me another fifteen hundreds per month.

10. I like my children’s screaming and my wife’s humming, these are better music than those costly music disks that I buy.


Srikanth said...

I like my children’s screaming and my wife’s humming, these are better music than those costly music disks that I buy.

Really? I didn't thought you are married :) Nice one. Very funny.

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

hehe..good 1..but ur frequency of posting blog has decreased as make some time for ur poor chap 'blog'..:-)

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Srikanth..I'm not married, just imagined like that(but it is scary). Thanks for visiting my blog even if I blog rarely...

Roopesh..yes I have to make some time. Thanks for your comments man.

Didn't really expect that people will read my blog since my posting frequency is pathetic these days. Thanks for visiting friends...

Nisheeth Parashar said... was really nice of you..
Nott buying DVDs was really g8 :)

Nisheeth Parashar said...

Hy sir,

I visited you blog for any new article :(

Please do upload daily :)
added ur nice blog to to increase the face value of my blog u must write something everyday..
Haa :)

Nisheeth Parashar

( i copied ur theme, ur style and very soon ur materials as well :) )

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Hi Nisheeth..Ur comment motivates me..
I am trying to post atleast once in a week..lets see

Sayani said...

Knock knock are the Ministers Listening :P ?

And hadn't i read the comments section ...i would be awfully shocked and disappointed (for not inviting me ) with your imaginative kids :P
Gr8 as always

Anonymous said...

good one... waiting for next

arun said...

Krish...this is a Superb mockery of the present economic scenerio. the best part is you always speak one among the crowd rather than stayin away and comment the situation!

you have flashes in your imagination which connects the Inox, star plus and six pack secrets with pepsi cola.

Lage raho mera bhai....lage raho!! keep up the grt work.