Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nose should get its respect

My Nose Was Runnin! 008/365
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I always wonder why women are so happy with troubling their nose, ears and even naval by piercing. The woman whom I am going to marry (catch me here: I have got engaged) is keen on getting her nose pierced. My mom has her one side nose pierced and my grand mom has both sides pierced, so I could justify my otherwise uncommon sense of researching about nose and nose piercing.
The nose has unique qualities that other organs should envy about. Your nose itches when your colleagues talk something interesting and which is none of your business. Though your ear hears that, it doesn’t itch. Your ear can entertain you only if you turn on your music. Your eyes can entertain you only if you see something, but your nose entertains without any external media. It just takes the help of your fingers and you can start enjoying (stop it if you are doing it now). No offense but you should understand that those who put their fingers inside their nose are just trying to breathe more by drilling the hole.
On the contrary we can sympathize with nose for the trouble it has to go through life. When you pick up a fight, your enemy is more interested in breaking your nose than really biting your ears. I think the nose has some perennial debt to the eyes for which it has to serve the eyes forever. Eye is a careless creature and it loses its power and nose has to come to its rescue. Eye loses power, ophthalmologist recommends power glasses and our poor nose has to carry it forever. I have seen many noses complaining about stinking eye glasses.
When the nose has its own tale to say, our ladies never listen to that. They instead put them in more trouble by piercing. Though the nose has a left side and right side, it never feels that they are different. They adjust amongst themselves by inhaling and exhaling alternatively. Our ladies will soon make them fight for superiority. Guess how?
  • Women from North India pierce the left side while those from South India pierce the right
  • Some say right side of the body is sacred hence piercing on the right is superior to the left
  • Some say that left side of the body is connected to the reproductive system of women and hence piercing the lift side of the nose leads to an easy child delivery (now don’t look at me like this, I’m just reproducing what I have read)
  • Chinese medicine says that left side of the body is considered feminine and right side of the body is masculine. May be that indicates that women should pierce the left side nose while men should(might?) pierce the right side nose(Again don’t look at me like this)
When I think about completing this post, my nose is itching to tell you that nose alone can not be blamed for snoring at night. It is the joint fault of your mouth. So give enough respect to your nose!


ad libber said...

Congratulations on the engagement thing. Solomon said who he has found a wife, has found a good thing, so there you are.

There is now a novel way of wearing a nosering, the sort of way bulls wear it, balanced on the middle bone. That should keep the equanimity between the two sides, no?

Anonymous said...

Hey... good news. My best wishes man.

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

First of all hearty congratuletions on ur enagement news..and secondly nice to c u coming back wit a good topic..but u dint meet upto ur expectations as seen in ur previous blogposts..may b u r distracted..haha..just kidding..have fun..

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Ad libber- Thanks for your wishes. So..thats the reason for B&W film heroines wearing that bull kind of nose ring.

Srikanth- Thanks for your wishes.

Roopesh- You are right. The last few posts were not to my satisfaction either. I think you will like the current one posted today.. Looking forward for your sincere criticism..