Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Three. Point. Someone

The Munna Bhai guy, Mr.Perfectionist guy and the Hinglish best seller guy. All are greater than life in their own achievements. But… definitely this one is going to be a feather in the cap. Not as a symbol of achievement, but a feather like issue which was roughened up by all the parties.
  1. 1. Mr. Hinglish best seller felt bad because he got the right credit as signed in the agreement and not as expected or pictured in the mind.
  2. 2. Mr. Munna bhai is feeling bad because this gives negative publicity about the story (Is it?)
    3. Mr. Perfectionist too is feeling bad because Mr.Hinglish best seller wants to steal the credit that should be given to the script writer (Not sure if the script writer is feeling bad or guilty)
There is one good thing about this issue. This doesn’t seem to be a story scripted and acted to gain publicity. I guess, all those involved are famous enough and doesn’t need any publicity like this. However, unknowingly this whole episode has created good publicity for them. I feel that the issue makers should be happy with the publicity gained and stop worrying about the “credit not given” or the “money given” version of the story. To make you all feel what they have gained, I am sharing my reaction which has benefited them...
  • I have read the book “ Five point someone”, but have not seen “ 3 idiots”. With so much hype around , I want to see the movie to check the similarity (70% as Chetan claims) or Dissimilarity (2% to 5% as the producers claim). I guess the producer, the director and the acting crew will be happy with this extra ticket going to the Theater.
  • I read the book 2 years back. Right now, I wouldn’t have spent anytime thinking about it. I would have forgot the name “Chetan Bhagat” also. With so much hype around, I am remembering both. Guess, Chetan is happy about being in the top of mind of one of his reader.
  • As I write this piece I have read at least dozen articles and blogs on this issue. Intrestingly, a TV Channel has made a 20 minute show on this issue and is freely available in Youtube. All the websites, its authors, bloggers and Youtube should be happy about the additional hits they have got. This is a social service done by the Three. See the video below to get insights.

    Finally, the Munnbhai guy has clarified few things here in the below video.
The book was a super hit, the movie will be a super hit and so is the issue. I guess these guys are known for giving HITS (at each other).

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Sharodindu said...

welcome back Krish!!!

Nice post.. but what I think the total chaos is nothing but a part of tricky marketing effort... along with the movie the book is also getting fresh wind :)

...What you think?