Sunday, February 21, 2010

The morning story of a casual browser

Started the day in front of the TV to watch a Reality talk show. Very interesting show. Switched on the computer to see the earlier shows in you tube. Opened gmail while waiting for youtube to load the video. A direct twitter message from an old friend directed me to Twitter. My twitter home page is generally filled with links to loads of articles. For a change, a tweet from a friend on his latest blog post created some interest. He has now started up something called Wanamo which I believe will help me save some money. Opened a tab to visit his blog. Read that and thought of commenting (gosh! have to think now). Suddenly wife madam came with a bowl, she wants to apply egg on my scalp. She doesn’t want to live with a husband and hundreds of dandruff. As the egg gets massaged, this post got created.

Sorry to Youtube and my own interest for not going through those videos.
Sorry to that friend for not replying to his direct message.
Sorry to that blogging friend for not commenting on his post.

Whom to blame now?

My monkey mind which keeps on jumping from one website to the other?
The Web 2.0 with too many interconnected websites?
My wife?

Oh no…Not any of the above. The thing to be blamed is.. my dandruff. I have to kill this internet session kill my dandruffs. Bye..
PS: Originally though of posting this thought in twitter...but grew up since wife madam told/ordered that I have to allow my egg head to dry.


Abhishek Shah said...

thanks for the mention Krish i like ur witty style - its toughest to entertain others, why dont u setup ur own domain blog(can help in tht)...btw also read my fav witty blogger

Krishnan N Subramanian said...

Hi Abhisehk,
Thanks for your comments.. I have been out of my blogging world for close to two years now. You can expect a come back soon since me too starting up!

Seems your fav witty blogger too is from native. Thanks for connecting.

Sayani said...

so how is it now?

....ohh the dandruff i mean :P

Krishnan N Subramanian said...

@ Sayani..Hmm...I don't listen to wife madam & so does my dandruff..