Monday, April 26, 2010

I am opening my cheese factory

Here is the news! I have quit HCL and moving out in couple of days. I quit for reasons which are not really serious, but a simple need for change. I am moving out of my cushy little job to start something on my own.

Those who are unhappy with my movement should not blame me, please blame this guy..Spencer Johnson. If I have not read his book years ago, I wouldn’t have probably chased my cheese ever. The cheese in my current room is not really filling my stomach; leave aside the possibilities of saving some cheese for the future. Careful research showed that my stomach is going to get bigger and bigger in the near future. Hence, I have decided to create my own cheese factory than finding cheese from different rooms of the house.

Now, building a cheese factory is not that simple. I know about hundreds of hungry rats like me who wants to start their own cheese factory. We have to compete and co-exist. The factory requires nickels to buy milk and expertise to convert the milk to cheese. Once the cheese is made, I have to find someone who likes my cheese. I have to pray to God that someone should have money to pay for my cheese..

So..this little rat is out of the corporate maze where cheese are stored in different rooms at different heights. He is in a new maze where every rat runs a cheese factory and the best cheese maker gets more cheese!

Cheese..Cheers..Bye for now!


Abhishek Shah said...

congrats dude, ur on the way to stardom ;-)

Prasanna Photos said...

All the very best....

Anoop said...

My wishes are there with you.

Anoop Dev.V

Krishnan N Subramanian said...

@ Abhi - Thanks, if stardom is the word for it..then lemme target it.

@Prasanna -Thanks for visiting my blog and for your wishes.

@Anoop - Your wishes are not sufficient:-). I would need your help too..

Anonymous said...

your cheese will be loved i am sure no doubt on that dude all our wishes .......... missed on reading some of your bogs for sometime